Mia Straka – Valere talismans

During Radiant Pavilion I will be engaging with visitors in a dialogue addressing a number of values and human rights that may be considered universally applicable.

Willing participants will be asked to choose a certain right or value you see as particularly important and relevant to uphold within your own community.

If you decide to be a champion of this specific right/value by committing to a positive action, a Valere Talisman pendant will be written or stamped with a word(s) symbolising your promise and gifted to you from me, to be taken away and worn.

Fulfilment of the promise will be as decided by the participant, consisting of a simple action such as speaking up in the face of bigotry, or helping someone that may be disadvantaged.

The pendant will act as a reminder and visual signifier of the commitment, as well as identifying you as an ambassador for the project.

Mia Straka graduated with a BDes (hons) from Unitec, Auckland in 2001. Based at collective jewellery studio Workshop6 in Auckland since 2008, Mia exhibits regularly in galleries, public institutions an d arts events across Aotearoa. Work is held in the collection of the James Wallace Arts Trust, (NZ). The Valere Talismans is a solo project leading on from the interactive Talisman Project collaboration. The Valere Talismans extend the wearer/maker discourse with face to face interactions every day during Radiant Pavilion and online engagement at #thetalismanproject.

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