Laura Alba

Laura Alba (México DF) Escapito: Scapular and re-charger against consumerism

 P escap atrás Function to protect the wearer, alerting and enhancing their awareness, against addictive and compulsive consumerism
Activation unlike the friendship bracelets, which are tied forever, and whose activation occurs when it breaks, detached from the user, the scapular (or stop, for short), should be protected from abuse. You have to save it during the night in its bag, which thus acts as a recharger for its virtues. The next day you need to remember to put it back under clothing or bag. Watch for this little ritual, so as to bring the same feeling since the amulet, motivate the wearer to be alert and in control against automatic purchases, on a whim or impulsive desire, assuming, of course, that person is a minimally aware of their unreflective buying and willing to change their behaviour.
Materials Scapular: fabric, nylon monofilament yarn, cotton, wool, brass sheet. Bag-Recharge: plastic, monofilament, cotton yarn, felt.
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