Maryann Talia Pau

Maryann Talia Pau (Melbourne, from Samoa)
Power Pendant / Poder colgante

  Function to provide support on the day of a personal challenge
Activation place pendant around the neck and you may then notify other Power Pendant owners, who can wear theirs in solidarity
Materials lava-lava cloth, remnants from Harvest textiles, rafia, metal thread, satin ribbon

Born in Samoa, Maryann Talia Pau grew up in Auckland, Aotearoa NZ and then Melbourne, Australia.
Married to a Murri from Queensland, Maryann and her family are based in Melbourne.
Maryann has been making for the last 10 years. For now, her work focusses on body adornment using materials from Samoa such as seeds, shell, feathers, pandanus and tapa. Maryann is interested in mixing ancient Pacific craft techniques and materials with new and western ones to create works that investigates and contributes to Pacific identity and place. Maryann’s other passions include design, architecture, gardening and food. For Maryann, making represents healing and connection, to our families and ancestors before us and to each other across the globe. (See full article here).

Power Pendant

The Power Pendant is a woven medallion using fabrics or materials that are significant (or not) to the maker. The Power Pendant is intended to be a source of protection, strength and solidarity for those who make or wear them. The only way this pendant can become a Power Pendant is that it must be gifted to you, and you must continue the ceremony of gifting, by making a power pendant or more, and then gifting to those who are special to you or who need one.

To activate the power pendant is simple. It can be a specific personal request, for example, “I’m meeting with someone, and I am very anxious about it. Can you please wear your power pendant and remember me?” Who ever has one can call, text, email, etc any other person who has one and say anything from a detailed situation to a short, “Power Pendant time!” Sometimes, you don’t even need to ask others, but simply, wear it yourself during your time of need and everything it stands for will be enough.

I needed help during my last visit to Samoa. I was extremely nervous and anxious about certain events and I almost didn’t go. I asked 3 dear friends and colleagues to wear their pendant while I was in Samoa, not every day, just once would be enough. I ended up having an incredible time and in many ways, I was brought back to life by being with my family, my sister and my parents. The pendants worked. I believed in them. I found strength in the faith and blessings of others.

Another time, a close friend texted me the words “Pendant time.” I later learnt that she was about to go into a meeting and she too was apprehensive. Before I heard from her, I decided that I would wear my power pendant that day. When I received her text, I remember reaching down and caressing my pendant and thinking, “I knew there was a reason I chose you today.”

There is something magical about gifting and making for others, unconditionally. I think it’s based on a simple principle that you can not receive, until you give. I think it’s also based on being someone who values life and humanity and is not afraid to fight for it.

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