Sarah Read

Sarah Read (Wellington)

‘This too shall pass’ / Esto también pasará

to support the post-earthquake regeneration of The National, a jewellery gallery in Christchurch and to call into play the sense of connectedness that makes all the difference when life is difficult

via the accumulation of aroha generated by multiple acts of generosity in hard times
The ribbons are: assembled by the jewellery community in donated time, then distributed by galleries that waive their commission fees, then gifted on by purchasers to anyone they know who could need a little extra help.

cotton, steel, silk

Tags can be purchased for $10 each. Proceeds go to the regeneration of The National. For purchase, email the artist
This Too Shall Pass

Thanks to Caroline Billing (The National), Masterworks Auckland and TheSeeHere.


If you have taken a This Too Shall Pass tag from the Joyaviva exhibition, please make your donation of $10 using the button below.


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