Cristina Celis

Cristina Celis (México DF)  SANA / Egg Cleansing

 DSC01978 Function ring-shaped amulet for ceremonial cleansing against the fears caused by crime and violence. It is inspired by the rituals of traditional healers who remove the evil-eye by rubbing a chicken egg over the body of the affected person..
Activation in case of need, wear the amulet in a finger; make a tight fist with the hand that wears the ring and pass it through the entire body, from head to toe, praying and asking for veil to be lifted; to conclude, repeat the word ‘sana’ (heal) three times and drop the ring in a glass full of water; the bubbles emitted by the ring will extirpate the fear out of the body.
Materials  Ceramic, egg shells


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