Clare Poppi – Seed jewels

Within a seed is encapsulated a promise…a promise of growth, future life, continuance and generation.

Each tiny vessel necklace is filled with soil and native flower seeds. Recipients take a wearable piece home with the promise that they will water, nurture and nourish the vessel until they are planted out in the wider world. The clay and natural materials will breakdown when planted and watered, allowing the seedling to take root and fend for itself. The relationship forged through daily care and attention between the plant and the grower is a seed of greater things to come.

When the grower takes on the responsibility of caring for the infant plant, a connection to the wider environment begins. Beyond the grower themselves, the wearability of the piece allows for dialogue – when worn, the strange soil filled vessels cultivate conversation. It is a public statement and a reminder of our need to care for our natural world, to nurture it and tread lightly.

Clare Poppi is a Brisbane based artist working in the field of jewellery and small objects. Her primary practice is focused on sustainable design, post growth principles and relational art. She is a founding member of Bench studio and Clare has been awarded the 2013 Lord Mayors Young and Emerging Artist Fellowship, 2016 Ethical Metalsmiths Jurors Choice Award along with various state and national grants. Clare is currently undertaking a Master of Fine Art at Griffith University and regularly exhibits locally, nationally and internationally.