Vicki Mason – Promises to keep

Do you want to help do more for the environment?

Learning to trust ourselves to honour the promises we make to others and ourselves can start with small actions. These pendants and pins are aides of sorts that can help us carry our promises through. Targeted specifically to those who want to make a pledge to undertake a course of action related to living more sustainably, they are disseminated through direct contact with me, the maker, for a nominal fee. A second payment is asked of wearers/buyers in that they are asked to honour my request to send a photo of themselves putting on their jewel for the first time when they are ready to undertake and commit to their promise. I’m taking a leap of faith as the maker. I’m connecting directly with the wearers of my work, who I need to trust will fulfil the action of photographing themselves as they embark on their promise. I’m now connected to them, hoping they will keep their promise to themselves but also to me, the work and my project. Images, reflections and contact will be sustained through a Facebook page.

In doing one small thing for the planet, even if it is just learning to mend a hole in a sock or take less plastic bags at the supermarket for a year, many promises are kept.

Facebook page @PromisesToKeepProject

NOTE – All the materials in this project (apart from the ink used in printing the User Instructions) are from local street side hard rubbish.

Vicki Mason has been wearing jewellery since she was two and making it since she was six or seven. Making jewellery fulfils a need she has to create objects that can be worn, that hold special meanings. For Vicki, jewellery has the potential to provoke a viewer to respond or interact with a worn jewel, and therefore the wearer. A dialogue is opened up – jewellery then acts not only as a portable tool for the communication of ideas but as a social object.