Louiseann and Kristian King – Secret sharer

Secret Sharers are themselves intrinsically promise objects—tangible manifestations of the intent to offer a promise. Secret Sharers are both for giving and for providing a safe space in which a special object is returned. Secret Sharers house intent. Recently a Secret Sharer was gifted empty: the giver proposed with the Secret Sharer offering a “space” for selecting an engagement ring with her girlfriend.

Secret Sharers are uniquely Australian and express a commitment to sustainability, the environment and Australia. A homesick Australian scientist living abroad commissioned a Secret Sharer to propose to his girlfriend. The Secret Sharer contained not only his proposal and an argyle diamond ring, but also expressed his commitment to place and desire to return to Australia for their married life.

Secret Sharers create and consolidate family. A local tree lopper commissioned a Secret Sharer to be made from a section of tree he’d felled. The Secret Sharer was to house a family ring for his grandson’s 21st. The nature of a Secret Sharer is to create a special moment. They house and reveal not only the object they hold but the intent of the giver.

King Secret Sharer embodies a romance in itself – a collaboration between sculptor/academic Louiseann King & furniture designer/maker Kristian King. Secret Sharers hold the space for a promise object. Made from Australian timbers Secret Sharers are intrinsically about place, the moment of giving and the unique capacity of objects to construct memory. You can find more images at @king_secret_sharer and Etsy.