Jacqueline Roffe

Jacqueline Roffe (México DF) “Isi, La Santa Muerte”

 Jacqueline Roffe Function This amulet is believed to protect and be a symbol of recognition among La Santa Muerte followers.
Activation The amulets will be given away at the altar at Jesus Maria St. downtown, its located in a very special place, just one block from the Cathedral and the Templo Mayor. The amulets are laser engraved, and are apparently all white, the user will be given some ink when applied the image appears. The action of rubbing the ink gives warmth to the material.
Materials Mother of pearl, Sterling, pearls
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Everyday I pass by the “La Santa Muerte” altar, I think a thousand ‘what ifs’, trying to figure out under which different circumstances their lives could be easier, my proposal is based on this, is a symbolic ‘what if’, in Spanish ‘y si’… (isi) This piece is made with mother pearl symbolizing life, it is pinned to clothes and it can be viewed and recognized by fellow believers. It protects its user so it must be worn daily. So what if they engage in a quarrel, what if they recognize the pin, what if they see the other as a fellow believer, what if…

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