Ilse-Marie Erl

Ilse-Marie Erl (Auckland, from Germany)

A Handful of Luck / Un puñado de suerte

to reflect on how members of her Salsa community coming from different cultural backgrounds relate to a good luck charm

The Salseros wear one of these charms and use it to focus on their hopes and fears.

pure silver, sterling silver, nylon, seed pearls

Available for $AUD 77.77 each. Email for details


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  1. Kia Ora, Hello, Hola, Bonjour,

    My name is Charlotte aka Carlotta Titta, I am one of the fortunate lucky charmers who has embarked on a very special journey. I was given a beautiful charm and had to write my journey in a little black book. What an interesting exercise! 6 months or so of my life in this booklet, with many more downs than ups but gradually the little cloud above my head dissipated. This booklet became very precious to me and it was hard to let go of it, it’s a trace in time and space, a proof that I exist…
    Here is another project called “Le Bohneur a la Reunion” or Happiness in Reunion Island. I have been questioning the meaning of Happiness for quite some time…After thinking, talking,reading and drawing about it, it was time to come to something a bit more concrete. Earlier this year I decided to return home to my family in order to reconnect and heal the past, but I wanted to do something more, something a bit more creative. So, I embarked into another journey: the happy journey. I asked to friends, friends of friends, to their children and my own family 3 questions: name, age and moment of happiness. The video is in French and Creole followed by MY moments of happiness back home. I hope this wee artistic attempt makes you smile and brings you joy. Love and light,


  2. Thank you Charlotte. Your diary is one of the highlights of the Joyaviva show. I feel like you are one of the artists in the exhibition. It’s a shame that the Pacific doesn’t stretch all the way to Reunion, but you belong very much to the bigger South community. We wish you all the happiness.
    BTW the charming YouTube video is here:

  3. Sometimes in spring last year I lost my lucky charm while jogging. This was sad and disappointing because the charm was very special to me. It made me feel close to my father who had died the year before. When I went to his funeral in Fiji I brought some of his hair with me and later inserted it into my lucky charm. Like this I could show my father my life in New Zealand as I had always wished I could bring him here. I looked everywhere for my lost charm but could not find it anymore. Marie made me another one and just a few days ago I put the last of my Dad’s hair in. So far I do not feel that this replacement is as powerful as the original because I am hesitant. I do not want to get disappointed again and I think the first luck is always special because you pour all your good thoughts and an abundance of blessings into it. Nevertheless, I hope that whoever found this first one is lucky enough to feel all the goodness that comes with it. I love to think that that person is a traveler and can take my father even further around the world. Maybe one day we cross path and meet again.

    • Something similar happened to me too. Sometimes it seems the charm just wants to get loose, to taste freedom. But having lost it once, you can be sure to never let it happen again. In this case, the second is stronger and carries the story of the first.

  4. This is an extraordinary piece of art. It’s not just a lucky charm, but it’s also an item of hard work and dedication of Marie. It’s hand crafted with a careful precision.
    I put all my believe and concentration to this lucky charm whenever I wear it.

    Back in early 2012, my business went down and I had to find my self a new job. It was pretty tough out there at that time for me. So, I thought I just had to give this lucky charm a go to help me on interviews. I finally found a new job after only 2 interviews.

    If you have one of these, give this baby a kiss before you go out, and it will give a you a smile on your face in return.

    Thanks Marie

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