Caz Guiney

Caz Guiney (Melbourne)
Charm-ID Card / Encanto-ID Targeta

to confront the seemingly impenetrable obstacle of bureaucracy

Hosts run the card on an immoveable fixture of the institution in question, leaving a trace of gold.

plastic ID card, leather lanyard, gold 24ct gold leaf


Caz Guiney studied Jewellery and Metalsmithing at the Frankston campus of Monash University, under the tutelage of Beatrice Schlabowsky and Mark Edgoose. Her initial work was guided by a critical attitude to the environmental damage caused by mining of precious metals. She experimented with ephemeral materials, including soap, wood, foam and even ice. In 2003, she presented City Rings, where she adorned the Melbourne CBD with hidden gold ornaments, causing great public controversy. She has continued this interest with experimental jewellery performances that place preciousness in the public realm.

Charm-ID Card

Guiney’s charm is designed for those who find themselves up against hard institutional logic and are frustrated at an inability to realise dreams for the betterment of all. The instructions make this clear.

Activate Charm-ID Card by rubbing gold side on a rough surface; the ground or side of the building of the creative educational institution where you are employed or are/were a student.

Rub in a circular motion creating a unique sketch from the location onto your card whilst transferring a touch of gold to the building — hopefully the Midas Touch.

Slide behind your staff/student ID card on your lanyard or slip into your wallet and a sense of hope will be forthcoming. You will be blessed with luck for continuing, satisfying employment or optimum educational choices at reasonable costs in an education sector strangled by economic rationalism.

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