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Proposals with Promise - As a festival-based project, Promise seeks to engage the general public in the kinds of possibilities that can be opened up by jewellery practitioners. The specific focus is the common challenge of making a commitment. Continue reading
Did Bronwyn Bishop need to resign? - Senator Brownyn Bishop could have made a ritual sacrifice to avoid resigning as speaker of the Australian parliament. Continue reading
Custodia-Panera de mimbre - Desde sus inicios coloniales, Chile ha sido un país guiado por la religión. En un país donde el 67,37% de la población se declara católica (según datos del Censo 2012), la religión se ha planteado como uno de los pilares fundamentales de la sociedad. Continue reading
Objeto Social Piñón - Pinion will be made with clay, which contain the seeds of Araucaria (Pinion). This pinion can be planted in future generations, recalling the gesture of returning the land to the Mapuche. The reliquary will be made of copper, which is a very typical Chilean territory material. Continue reading
The value of destroying objects in Japan - In the Kamigamo shrine, Kyoto, ceramics are sold for a ceremony for protection. Small earthenware kawarake are decorated with the motto 'ward off evil' (yakuyoke). These are tossed from the edge of a precipice. Continue reading
Proyecto sobre dije de bodas para empresarios jóvenes - “La antigua tradición consistía en insertar dijes en la torta de bodas con el fin de predecir el futuro próximo de las solteras que asistían al casamiento.” Proyecto artístico: Tiene por intención abordar la problemática de la desigualdad laboral  (ya … Continue reading
How to give substance to a ‘funa’ - At the moment, Chile seems gripped by news of corruption throughout its government. One response on the streets of Santiago is the organisation of a future demonstration, using the hashtag #AFunarElParlamento, ‘Funar the parliament!’. When I tried to look up … Continue reading