Power Sistas

Maryann Talia Pau’s Power Pendants are distributed among a supportive group of ‘sistas’ who wear it on occasions when someone in the circle needs collective encouragement.

Sana Balai

This pendant holds a very special place in my heart; it represents the special love that bonds Maryann and me. It was presented to me by Maryann with a simple message -‘Wear this to remember me while I am gone’, shortly before she and her family returned to Samoa for her grandmother’s 80th birthday in 2011. I proudly did, and still do, honour and appreciate this special mother-daughter kind of relationship between Maryann and me. I also love it for its artistic merits which showcase Maryann’s talent and bright personality.






Namila Benson

The beauty of Maryann’s work is that it truly captures the essence of what it means for me to be an Islander woman; strong, empowered, resilient, engaged, passionate and community-conscious.
Her ‘Power Pendant’ is an extension of all of the above. I recently gave birth to my first child – a beautiful son – and apart from a set of Maryann’s woven earrings, the Power Pendant was the only piece of jewellery I took with me to the hospital.
The reason being that with my son arriving three weeks early, I felt somewhat unprepared to embark on what I knew would be the huge journey of giving birth. So I wore the pendant the day before to help calm me the day before going into labour. And the pendant did for me what I know it is capable of doing for so many others. It strengthened me, reassured me I was safe from harm and mobilised the sisterhood to support me in a profound way (by way of comforting words via mobile, email and social media).
The Power Pendant reflects Maryann to the core.
It’s a work of true beauty, connects – yet reflects – the uniqueness in each of us, has strong artistic merit and once it makes it’s way to our hearts, it finds a place for Life. That’s our Sista. That’s her Creativity. And that’s her Light, which truly shines through her work.

Grace McQuilten

Maryann’s gift surprised and delighted – a gift of pure joy and friendship.
The Power Pendant signifies strength, love, and a little bit of magic. I save it for the times when I am feeling vulnerable, when I am facing difficulty, and also for times of joy and celebration. It has a special place in my heart and links me to Maryann across time and space.


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