I have never worn jewellery before

I got the lucky charm in early August. I cannot exactly remember the date and as a sceptic I cannot remember if my life changed. But this has been a good year and anything that can extend that is always welcome.

Last year I was lucky enough to avoid being outsourced in my job. I wonder how long that has been a common term in contemporary society. My new job has been very rewarding and I enjoy the autonomy and challenges it brings.

On top of this in April this year l got married and within a month we were expecting a baby. How could life get any better?

This year I began a course in project management. This is proving a lot harder than expected. My first assignment was due on the 15th of August and I fully expected to fail and not hit the dates for submission. Instead I submitted on time and relieved an excellent mark. Can this be caused by the lucky charm? Have you ever wondered if there is such a thing as luck?

Luck… Is possible for a charm, basically a mix of silver, paper and acrylic to bring me luck? Are we all just part of a wonderful story, where our lives are designed in advance by some higher power? Do we have little or no influence over what happens? Is the reason I live in a country with a high standard of living, where I am likely to live to 82 just lucky on my part? If it is all just luck how do we “get” lucky? To change or modify the higher power’s “design” do we just wear some form of ancient (or not so ancient) talisman?

Personally I don’t want to be a leaf hanging on to my branch waiting in fear for a gust of wind or a fearsome caterpillar to extinguish my life. I don’t want to believe that the only reason I have had anything good in my life is luck. But I can’t choose my parents; I cannot choose where I am born. They are choices that no one has power over. My lovely partner, (the artist who made the charm) was born in South Korea. 50 years ago that would have meant a very hard and possibly short life. Now it means she was born in a sophisticated highly industrialised society that has a first world living standard. Is that luck? The amount of things that had to happen to make us actually meet is really amazing. Luck.

Since I have had this charm I have found myself touching it when l feel a little extra luck is needed, or required in my life. Maybe somewhere deep inside our psyche is a need to believe we are not alone that everything can be changed and we don’t need to rely solely on ourselves. Maybe we need to feel lucky every so often

And maybe not

I have never worn jewellery before. Which is funny considering my partner makes jewellery. I never liked the feeling of having something on my finger or around my neck. So it’s strange that I like the feeling I get when I am wearing this charm. So can I really say that by wearing this charm that somehow it has brought me luck well, there was the moment that Dustin Martin kicked an unbelievable goal. I also did finish a 150 kilometre bike ride without hurting anybody or falling off. And then there is the most important piece of luck. Every time my beautiful wife goes for a scan I touch my charm and hope our soon to be born baby daughter is found to be healthy and progressing well. So far, so very good I thank the lucky charm and the wonderful woman who made it.

Your turn / Su turno

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