Custodia-Panera de mimbre

From its colonial beginnings, Chile has been a country guided by religion. In a country where 67.37% of the population is Catholic (according to the Census 2012), religion has emerged as one of the fundamental pillars of society. Today, religion is part of Chile’s cultural identity. Among the main tenets of the Catholic religion, there is respect, inclusion, love of neighbor, friendship and above all, acceptance, however, the Catholic Church is an elitist institution that does not accept differences and that, Despite its principles, it does not accept other with their beliefs and personal history.

In Western culture, especially in the Chilean traditions, wafer and bread are a sacred food. The host is an element of great importance for Catholicism, it symbolizes Christ’s body and ingested in the rite of the Eucharist. In Catholic ceremonies, a monstrance (Latin ostentare, “show”) is highly significant. It corresponds to a piece of gold or other precious metal where previously consecrated host for the adoration of faith and conviction stands.

Moreover, the bread of great importance in the world economy, acting as an index measuring the value of life. Through its trade price it is possible to determine changes in the cost of living in each country. In the beginning, the bread was made and shared within the family. Later, thanks to industrialization, began its massive commercialization in urban areas.

The work consists of a custody-made wicker bread basket, looking to rescue the essence of the rite of the Eucharist: Communion, alluding to its essential meaning, to understand it as the union between people.

We opted for wicker, because it is characteristic material central Chile, and the shape of the bread basket, which corresponds to an object present in every home across the country.

Keeping bread in wicker symbolizes sharing and power, becoming a symbol of approval, appreciation and blessing to the various forms of love that exist in society.

The proposed activation object corresponds to the installation of a rectangular table with white table cloths and on this, the Custody-Panera Bread with marraqueta inside. This table will be located outside the Cathedral of Santiago, emblematic place of Catholicism in Chile. The ritual is held on a Sunday at noon, coinciding with the main mass of the week.

Thanks to:

Marcela Rodriguez
Paula Melo
André Barbet
Almond Arraño

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