Cristina Celis ‘I’m on the map’

An amulet for San Título


Latin Americans have always had a profound and intricate relationship to jewelry.

“The new Latin American jewelry must be understood for what it is, instead for what it is not,” says curator Valeria Vallarta Siemelink. “Far from being an imported concept from western countries, jewelry as art in Latin America is the sensible and varied product of a unique historical process and of an incredibly diverse and modern society that must be seen free of prejudice and of the stereotypes that typify the Latin American culture.”

Latin American Jewelry reflects the continent’s historical development, dynamic mix of cultures and its socio-political realities.

In most of the workspaces in Mexico you will be able to find an shrine, an image or a sculpture of a religious figure that protects the workspace and provides spiritual guidance for the believers.


It is in this frame of thinking, that San Título was created as a Patron Saint of contemporary jewelers by the “Sin Título” Collective.

San Título is the patron of Contemporary Jewelry. Jewelers have a reproduction of the saint, carry an image of him in their wallet or pin an image on the wall of their workspace. The Saint has the power to protect and intercede with a higher being. Jewelers will turn to the Saint and pray in time of need in order to overcome creative obstacles problems related to their own personal work.


The amulet “I´m on the Map” was created to help artists in Latin America find their way, to guide them and lead them in the maze of contemporary art. There are so many crossroads that contemporary jewelers face today in this misunderstood artistic discipline.

Contemporary jewelers in Latin America feel left out, neglected and disorientated. We only recently began to speak the language and to understand what it is all about. We are proud of our artistic capabilities but feel so far from our european counterparts who have had years of work in this area.

clip_image010My proposal

When you look up an address on Google Maps, a red icon shows you exactly where the place you are looking for is and gives you precise directions of how to get there and even how long it will take you to arrive to your destiny.

In my piece “I am Here” I decided to bring these digital elements into the real, three-dimensional world of contemporary jewelry.

who can use it?

image Ana is a Mexican artist who is passionate about contemporary jewelry. For the last two years she has been working hard to be able to go to Munich and attend Schmuck. She has wanted to go for many years but this time she has made up her mind that this is what she wants it more that anything in the world. Now, she saves every penny she earns and as soon as she has any money in her pocket, she rapidly exchanges it for euros so she cannot spend it. She has set up a time and place in her life for the next year.

Alfonso recently lost his job where he worked as a jewelry designer. He now has to choose a road to follow. He has been offered an internship, he has an opportunity of teaching some of his skills to other designers, but he still has to work on a thesis at the University to be able to graduate. He is confused, and is now at a crossroad in his life and does not know exactly where to tun.

Andrea is one of my jewelry class students. She, like many successful highly educated individuals in Mexico, carries in her wallet a card with a saint that she believes will protect her. In her case, she carries an image of Jesús Malverde who is a saint created by the need of people for protection and guidance and its roots are a mix of pagan and religious themes. San Malverde is as a drug related saint who now has become a Robin Hood image for many as strange as it may seem. This is commonplace practice within the Mexican population.


clip_image015 SENSE OF DIRECTION

Whether it is a specific goal like going to Munich or have lost your way and are trying to find a place in the world of art, the support of a spiritual image will bring you good luck and good fortune in the time of need. It may be an exhibition, a commission, or maybe they just feel lost in this uncertain world of contemporary art.

“I´m on the Map” will help you gain direction in your creative life.!



  1. Buy an amulet for yourself or a friend that needs guidance.
  2. Take the pin and the piece of paper out of the box and the image of San Título, patron saint of Contemporary Jewelers
  3. Weather it is a specific geographic location you want to go like Munich, or you need to make an important decision because you are at a crossroad in your artistic life, you must write down only these words: “San Título, let me find the way”.
  4. Place the piece of paper in the inside of your shirt and pin it with the amulet for three days. After three days, your pin has been activated and charged.
  5. Now you must pin the piece of paper together with the image of the Saint in your workspace in a visible place where it will remind you every day where you want your artistic life to go!
  6. Once the amulet has done its job, you can re-pin it to your clothes with in a new position of give it to someone who needs guidance.

I’m on the Map is an amulet for the San Título collective. See also Cristina Celi’s amulet for the Joyaviva exhibition.