Joyaviva opens in Mexico City, 9 April 2014



Joyaviva is a journey across the Pacific to find the modern amulet. It opens a dialogue between Australasia and Latin America about how we can connect our folk traditions to the concerns of our day.

The Joyaviva exhibition will open at the Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares (National Museum of Popular Culture) in Mexico City on 9 April. The Museum was opened in 1982 to reflect the cultural diversity of Mexico (see wikipedia).

The Mexican venue will be the first stage in the Latin American journey for Joyaviva. It will continue to Bolivia and Chile. In each location, modern amulets have been developed through ‘charm schools’, where artists considered concerns in their world that needed extra luck. Naturally in Mexico the violence associated with narco-trafficking was in many minds and there are works in the exhibition that will reflect that.

New Mexican works for Joyaviva include:

Raquel Bessudo (México DF) “The gift of sight”
Function: to inform, and bring awareness on the importance of preserving Wirikua desert as a natural and spiritual reserve

Mayte Amezcua: Amulet San Judas Tadeo to rescue lovers / Amuleto San Judas Tadeo para Salvar AmoresMayte Amezcua (México DF) Amulet San Judas Tadeo to rescue lovers
St Judas Tadeo is a popular saint in México and patron of difficult causes

Joyaviva will be in the museum until 29 June 2014. It will be accompanied by a catalogue in Spanish. There will also be a seminar on 10 April. The Mexican exhibition is in partnership with Otro Diseño.

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